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Research Grants 2018


Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

1   FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/02/3 FKEKK Dr. Ahmad Sadhiqin Bin Mohd Isira  Investigation of Consensus Control for Multi-Agents System of a Class of Lipcschitz Nonlinearity with time delay and state estimation  57,000.00
2  FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/02/7 FKEKK En. Adib Bin Othman A New Technique of Wideband Isolation of Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) Radio Frequency (RF) Switch Using Widebabd SIW Resonator  76,450.00
3  FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/02/24 FKEKK Dr. Zamree Bin Abd Ghani Heuristic Optimisation of Fuzzy Logic Three-Phase Inverter Controller For Photovoltaic Application  42,000.00
4  FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/03/8 FKEKK En. Muhammad Raihaan Bin Kamarudin Synthesis of Stochastic Computing with Bio-Inspired Embedded Robotic Navigation System  54,700.00
5  FRGS/1/2018/STG02/UTeM/02/2  FKEKK Dr. Mohd Riduan Bin Ahmad Electrodynamics Modelling and Novel Experimental Investigation of Lighting Initiation Mechanism Producing Gamma-ray and X-ray Bursts  63,200.00
6  FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/02/30 FKEKK Dr.Hazli Rafis Bin Abdul Rahim Improvement of Light Scattering by Double Plastic Optical Fiber Coated with Spiral Zinc Oxide Nanorods Growth Towards Light Side Coupling 80,500.00
7  FRGS/1/2018/TK07/UTeM/02/6 FKEKK Dr. Ho Yih Hwa Solar Irradiance Modelling and Forecasting Using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receiver 118,00.00
8  FRGS/1/2018/TK07/UTeM/02/8 FKEKK Dr. Amat Amir Bin Basari Fundamental Study on Impact-Mode Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Wideband Energy Generation. 56,200.00
9  FRGS/1/2018/TK04/UTeM/03/10 FKEKK Puan Mas Haslinda Binti Mohamad Maximizing Throughput using Hybrid Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Network for IoT Technology 45,840.00


FKEKK Dr. Syafeeza Binti Ahmad Radzi A Deep Learning Algorithm To Diagnose Children with Autusm Spectrum Disorder Using Electroencephalogram Signal 87,600.00


Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)

1  PRGS/2018/FKEKK-CeTRI/T00018   FKEKK Prof. Madya Dr. Zahriladha Bin Zakaria  A New Class of RF Energy Harvesting System Prototype with Improved RF-To DC Power Conversion Efficiency For Wireless Energy Transmission  83,000.00


PJP Research Grant Scheme 

1   PJP/2018/FKEKK(1b)/S01613 FKEKK Ir. Dr. Anas Bin Abdul Latiff Graphene Like Materials As A Saturable Absorber for Pulsed Fiber Laser Development  20,000.00
2  PJP/2018/FKEKK(2b)/S01614 FKEKK Dr. Zul Atfyi Fauzan Bin Mohammed Napiah Monolithically Integrated Optical Receiver with CMOS Avalance Photodetector for Emerging High Speed Optoelectronics Intergrated Circuit Applications  20,000.00
3  PJP/2018/FKEKK(3b)/S01615 FKEKK Dr. Riduan Bin Ahmad A New Technique to Map the Direction of Narrow Bipolar Event Breakdown Propagation Producing Gamma-Ray and X-Ray Burst by Using Microwave Interferometer  20,000.00
4  PJP/2018/FKEKK(4b)/S01616 FKEKK Dr.Hazli Rafis Bin Abdul Rahim  Aligned Ring Growth of Aluminium-Doped Zinc Oxide (Al-ZnO) On Exposed Core Plastic Optical Fiber For Chemical Sensing with IoT System  20,000.00
5  PJP/2018/FKEKK(1a)/S01617 FKEKK En. Adib Bin Othman A New Technique of Absorptive Feature in Filter Intergrated Switch (FIS) using Matched Lossy Reasonators for Compact IoT System   20,000.00
 PJP/2018/FKEKK(5b)/S01618 FKEKK Dr. Siva Kumar A/L Subramaniam Analysis and Implementation of an IoT Based Remoe Monitoring of Oil and Gas Pipelines   20,000.00
 PJP/2018/FKEKK(6b)/S01619 FKEKK En. A. Nasoruddin Bin Mohamad  The Analysis of Radio Channel Performance for Future Wireless Application  20,000.00
8  PJP/2018/FKEKK(7c)/S01620 FKEKK Dr. Ahmad Sadhiqin Bin Mohd Isira  Investigation and Analysis of Consensus Control of MultiAgents System with a Number of Nonlinearity Elements 20,000.00
9  PJP/2018/FKEKK(8a)/S01621 FKEKK Dr. Zaiton Binti Abdul Mutalip Optical Characterisation of SI PIN and APD Photodiode within Indoor Visible Light Communication (VLC) System 20,000.00
10  PJP/2018/FKEKK(9d)/S01622 FKEKK Puan Nur Alisa Binti Ali Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Using Convolutional Neural Network On Electroencephologgram (EEG) Brain Connectivity 20,000.00
11  PJP/2018/FKEKK(10b)/S01623  FKEKK Dr. Khairuddin Bin Osman Smart IoT Oil Palm Plantation Monitoring and Managing System 20,000.00
12  PJP/2018/FKEKK(11d)/S01644 FKEKK Dr. Abdul Shukur Bin Ja'afar Enhanced Indoor positioning Utilising Wi-Fi Fingerprint and Calibration Techniques 20,000.00
13  PJP/2018/FKEKK(18b)/S01645 FKEKK Puan Suhaila Binti Mohd Najib Improvement of Data Acquisition System (DAQ) For Optical Tomography System Based in CMOS Area Image Sensor 20,000.00