Grant No. Project Leader Research Title Date Start Date End Amount Field
PJP/2014/FKEKK(6B)/S01341 Fauziyah binti Salehuddin Statistical Modelling and Optimization of Input Process Parameters Variation in Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) MOSFET Device 8/1/2014 7/31/2016 26,730.00 Emerging Technology
PJP/2014/FKEKK(1B)/S01293 Norizan bin Mohamad Modeling and Characterization of Novel Battery-Less Vibration Level Measurement Utilizing Piezoelectric Direct Effect of Linear Bending Mode Response 8/1/2014 7/31/2016 29,900.00 Emerging Technology
PJP/2015/FKEKK(4B)/S01421 Sani Irwan bin Salim Design and Development of Under-actuated Myoelectric Prosthesis Hand with Dynamic Shape Adaptation. 12/1/2015 5/31/2017 19,500.00 Green Technology
PJP/2015/FKEKK(2B)/S01406 Siti Normi binti Zabri @ Suhaimi, Dr. COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE ANTENNA FOR INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT SYSTEM (ITS) 12/1/2015 5/31/2017 11,050.00 Green Technology
PJP/2014/FKEKK(3B)/S01318 Zahariah binti Manap Development of Clustering Algorithm for Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks 8/1/2014 7/31/2016 11,000.00 Emerging Technology
PJP/2014/FKEKK(4C)/S01324 Azmi bin Awang Md Isa A Novel Method to Optimize Localization of Sensor Node Using DHSA Algorithm 8/1/2014 7/31/2016 5720..00 System Engineering
PJP/2014/FKEKK(5B)/S01334 Syafeeza binti Ahmad Radzi CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS APPROACH FOR FACE RECOGNITION 8/1/2014 7/31/2016 21800.00 Emerging Technology


Extendend Research Grant

Grant No. Project Leader Research Title Date Start Date End Field (S&T/SS/Arts & Humanities) Approved Amount
FRGS(RACE)/2013/FKEKK/TK3/2 F00195 Haziezol Helmi Mohd Yusof Performance Optimization on Lead-Free Piezoceramic (K 0.5 Na0.5 Nbo 3 (Knn) Integrated Resonant Structure in Electrical Power Generation as a Green Energy Source 2/1/2014 1/31/2016 Technology & Engineering 46500.00
FRGS(RACE)/2013/FKEKK/TK2/5 F00202 Mohamad Zoinol Abidin bin Abd Aziz New Wireless Mimo Communication Channel Capacity Model based on Physical Characterization for Multiple Altitute Diversity Configuration in Indoor Environment 2/1/2014 1/31/2016 Technology & Engineering 50000.00
FRGS/1/2014/SG04/FKEKK/02/F00219 Khoo Chin Foon A New Modelling of the Biochemical Reactions by using the Waveform Relaxation Method for Higher Numerical Efficiency 07/01/2014 12/31/2016 Applied Science 55000.00
FRGS/2/2014/TK03/FKEKK/03/F00243 Hafez bin Sarkawi A New Method of Nonlinear H-infinity Observer Design for Polynomial Discrete-time Networked Control Systems using Sum of Squares Optimization Approach. 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 63500.00
FRGS/2/2014/SG02/FKEKK/02/F00244 Kok Swee Leong Modeling and Characterization of Pre-Stressed Piezoelectric-Integrated Enhanced Structure for Iits Electrical Output Optimization 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Physics 79000.00
RACE/F3/TK8/FKEKK/F00251 Mohd Shahril Izuan bin Mohd Zin An Novel Technique to Enhance QOS Performance in EDCA Protocol For Real Time Application 1/26/2015 1/25/2017 Elektrikal dan Elektronik 50000.00
FRGS/1/2015/TK04/FKEKK/02/F00264 Azahari bin Salleh A Novel Reconfigurable Filtering-Antenna based on Circuit-Theory Synthesis Approach for Multifunction Operation in Next Generation Wireless Communications 11/2/2015 10/31/2017 Technology & Engineering 65000.00
FRGS/1/2015/SG02/FKEKK/03/F00265 Siti Rosmaniza bt Ab Rashid A Novel Microwave Sensor with High-Q Resonator For High Sensitivity Material Characterization 11/2/2015 10/31/2017 Applied Science 98200.00
FRGS/1/2015/TK04/FKEKK/02/F00266 Syafeeza Ahmad Radzi A New Image Analysis Technique of Finger-vein Biometrics for Individual Identity Recognition System 11/2/2015 10/31/2017 Technology & Engineering 75326.00
FRGS/1/2015/SKK06/FKEKK/02/F00267 Low Yin Fen Improving EEG Reliability in Objective Quantification using Wavelet-Phase Entropy for Attention Level Monitoring 11/2/2015 10/31/2017 Clinical and Health Sciences 75200.00
GLuar/KTP/1/2014/FKEKK/I/G00020 Lim Kim Chuan Joint-Development and Validation of Reliable Video Streaming and Fast Wi-Fi Handover System for Public Transport Surveillance 1/1/2014 30/06/2016 Industry 79059.78
GLuar/CREST/2015/FKEKK/I00005 Lim Kim Chuan Design and Development of Big-Data Ready Wireless Sniffing Enabled Video Surveillance System (BIPCAMs) and Application 9/1/2015 8/31/2018   240094.43
RACE/F3/TK2/FKEKK/F00298 Hazura binti Haroon Novel Design of Silicon-Based Microring Optical Filters for Optical Interconnect System 12/1/2015 11/30/2017 Elektrikal dan Elektronik 50000.00
RACE/F3/TK3/FKEKK/F00299 Anis Suhaila binti Mohd Zain Novel Architecture 22nm Highly Scaled Fully Depleted Ultra Thin Body Silicon on Insulator (FD UTB S01) for Low Power Application 12/1/2015 11/30/2017 Elektrikal dan Elektronik 50000.00
RAGS/2013/FKEKK/TK02/02/B00031 Maisarah binti Abu A Novel Design of Matching Circuit with High Q-Factor Resonator to Improve the Efficiency Of RF-DC Conversion for RF Energy Harvesting 10/1/2013 03/31/2016 Technology & Engineering 56000.00
RAGS/2013/FKEKK/TK02/04/B00033 Abd Majid Darsono                                               Novel Algorithms for Blind Source Separation using Multiplicative Update and Expectation-Maximization of Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 10/1/2013 03/31/2016 Technology & Engineering 52000.00
RAGS/2013/FKEKK/TK02/06/B00035 Mohd Shakir bin Md Saat A Novel Method of Robust H-Infinity Controller Design for Polynomial Discrete-Time Networked Control Systems using Sum of Squares Optimization Approach 10/1/2013 03/31/2016 Technology & Engineering 60000.00
RAGS/2013/FKEKK/ICT03/01/B00036 Ahamed Fayeez B Tuani Ibrahim Modelling Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization for Extending Coverage Area of Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network- A Network Project 10/1/2013 03/31/2016 ICT 60500.00
RAGS/2013/FKEKK/SG04/01/B00037 Nazreen binti Waeleh Two Point One Block Diagonally Implicit Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems of Robin Type 10/1/2013
Sains Gunaan 48500.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00058 Khairun Nisa bt Khamil Detection of Lard Adulteration in Cooking Oil using the Dielectric Sensing Technique 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 55500.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00059 Siti Rosmaniza bt Ab Rashid A New Architecture of Wideband Power Amplifier with Low Intermodulation Distortion for Wireless Communication Systems 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 53500.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00060 Hanim binti Abdul Razak Enhanced Mach Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) Optical Modulator on Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) using Tapered Structure for Improved Performance in Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 52000.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00061 Afifah Maheran binti Abdul Hamid A Novel Method of Derivative Harmonic Search Algorithm-Based Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 50300.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00062 Siti Fatimah binti Sulaiman A New Approach of Designing a Self-Tunable Power Converter for Acoustic Power Transfer Systems 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 57000.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00063 Khairuddin bin Osman Design and Development of Ankle-Foot Rehabilitation Exerciser (AFRE) System using Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (IPA) 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 53900.00
RAGS/1/2014/TK03/FKEKK/B00064 Nor Azlan bin Mohd Aris Validation of Melting Layer from TRMM Precipitation Radar for Equatorial Region 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Technology & Engineering 56000.00
RAGS/1/2014/ICT06/FKEKK/B00065 Wira Hidayat bin Mohd Saad Rapid Reconstruction Technique of Visual 3D Modelling using Optimized Scaled Window Phase-Only Correlation (SWP-OC) on the Sequence of Captured Images Surrounding the Object 12/1/2014 11/30/2016 Information & Communication Technology 56000.00
RAGS/1/2015/TK0/FKEKK/02/B00099 Wong Yan Chiew Reconfigurable On-Chip Power Management System Based Complementary-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter for Batteryless IoT SoCs 12/1/2015 11/30/2017 Technology & Engineering 75500.00
RAGS/1/2015/TK0/FKEKK/03/B00100 Noor Azwan bin Shairi A Novel Integrated Generalized-Chebyshev Bandpass and Notch Filter with Reconfigurable Capabilities for Next Generation Wireless Communications 12/1/2015 11/30/2017 Technology & Engineering 76600.00
RAGS/1/2015/TK0/FKEKK/02/B00101 Masrullizam bin Mat Ibrahim New Algorithms for Mobile Camera based on Vehicle Classification and Speed Detection 12/1/2015 11/30/2017 Technology & Engineering 69700.00
06-01-14-SF00090 L00017 Mai Mariam Mohamed Aminuddin Investigation on the Feasibility of Late Event Related Potential Habituation Correlates to Identify Attention Drifting Phenomenon 1/1/2014 6/30/2016 Sains & Teknologi 244000.00
06-01-14-SF00087 L00018 Kok Swee Leong Novel High Performance Screen-Printed Piezoceramic Cantilever Based Resonant Micro-Power Generator For Industrial Environmental Monitoring 1/1/2014 6/30/2016 Sains & Teknologi 182000.00
06-01-14-SF0111 L00019 Maisarah binti Abu Novel Bendable Articial Magnetic Conductor Design for Metallic Object Detection 7/1/2014 6/30/2016 Sains & Teknologi 98500.00
06-01-14-SF0103 L00021 Zahriladha Zakaria A Novel Intergrated Siw Filter-Antenna (Filtenna) With Electronically Reconfigurable Capabilities for Microwave Imaging Application 7/1/2014 12/31/2016 Sains & Teknologi 115000.00
06-01-14-SF0096 L00022 Azahari bin Salleh Design and Development of Pyramidal Microwave Absorber Using New Metamaterial Structure Base on Split Ring Resonator (SRR) Technique  6/1/2014 5/31/2016 Sains & Teknologi 190601.00
03-01-14-SF0095 L00023 Rhonira binti Latiff Development of Adaptive Cochlear Biomodel From Carbon Nanotube (CNT)-Channel Resonant Gate Transistors (RGT) 7/1/2014 12/31/2016 Sains & Teknologi 225400.00
06-01-14-SF0125 L00026 Nurulfajar bin Abd Manap Enhanced Image View Synthesis Using Disparity Depth Extraction For Efficient Performance In Stereo Vision Applications 3/1/2015 2/28/2017 Sains & Teknologi 79900.00
01-01-14-SF0099 L00027 David Yap Fook Weng Region-Based Medical Image Compression Using Principal Component Analysis (Pca) 3/1/2015 8/31/2016 ICT 93000.00
FRGS/1/2016/TK04/FKEKK/02/F00303 Noor Azwan Bin Shairi A New Technique of Switchable Matched Bandstop to Bandpass Filter Response Using Lossy Resonators 8/1/2016 7/31/2018 Technology and Engineering 55,500
FRGS/1/2016/TK04/FKEKK/02/F00304 Zahriladha Zakaria A Novel Millimeter-Wave Filter with High Selectivity Characteristic Based on Reconfigurable Transmission Zeros for Next Generation RF Front-End Wireless Transceiver (5G) 8/1/2016 7/31/2018 Technology and Engineering 120,500
FRGS/1/2016/TK04/FKEKK/01/F00305 Kenneth Sundaraj Investigation on Parametric and Non-Parametric Features of Wheeze Signals for the Classification of Asthma Severity using Respiratory Acoustic Sounds and Machine Learning Algorithms 8/1/2016 7/31/2018 Technology and Engineering 98,000
FRGS/1/2016/TK04/FKEKK/03/F00306 Haziezol Helmi Bin Mohd Yusof A Novel Method of Designing Self-Tuning Capacitive Power Transfer for Rotary Applications. 8/1/2016 7/31/2018 Technology and Engineering 114,500
FRGS/1/2016/TK04/FKEKK/03/F00307 Izadora Binti Mustaffa Investigation on Directional Coherence Diffusion Filtering Techniques for Neurite Segmentation 8/1/2016 7/31/2018 Technology and Engineering 44,900
06-01-14-SF0142 L00028 Azmi bin Awang Md Isa A New Development of A Compact Broadband Operating Antenna With Wide Bandwidth For In-Building Wireless Coverage Application 11/1/2015 10/31/2017   126,000.00