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Faculty of Electronic and Computer Engineering (FKEKK) through Center for Telecommunication Research and Innovation (CeTRI) has identified two niche areas to be focused on cour research activities. There are

  • Wireless Communication System and
  • Nano Computing Information Engineering.

These can lead to focus on a complete communication system solution with sustainable energy harvesting system embedded with micro-nano technology. These have taken  into account the national agenda, pertinent industrial needs and state of the art of knowledge development.

The details of our research areas:

ADVANCED SENSORS & EMBEDDED CONTROLS SYSTEM such as energy harvesting system, advanced electronic material, wireless sensor networks,  biomedical electronics, microsystem physical devices, wireless power/energy transmission, advanced control system.

BROADBAND & NETWORK such as wireless mesh networking, navigation & location based system, wireless communication systems (MIMO system, wireless broadband system, PHY, MAC & cross layer design) and wireless application (RFID, Personal Area Network (PAN) etc).

MICRO AND NANO ELECTRONIC such as next generation of computing systems, devices/circuits such as CMOS, non−CMOS (e.g., carbon nanotube, memristor) and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) Technologies and reconfigurable platform system (FPGA, digital and mixed signal IC design and programmable system−on−chip).

MACHINE LEARNING & SIGNAL PROCESSING such as computer vision, image, audio and video processing, intelligent surveillance and security system, biometric recognition system, image and video compression,  artificial intelligent,  bio-signal processing and modeling, brain-computer (machine) interface,  human attention level detection, neuro-feedback/bio-feedback, modeling and approximation in stochastic modeling,  algorithm design & development, encompasses new theoretical frameworks for statistical signal processing (e.g. machine learning-based and information-theoretic signal processing), new and emerging paradigms in statistical signal processing (e.g. Independent Component Analysis (ICA), kernel-based methods, cognitive signal processing).

RF AND MICROWAVE such as microwave device/components (filters, switches, resonator, amplifiers, duplexer, transmission lines) and antennas (by exploring  new areas and findings in terms of design and development  of passive and active elements), milimeter wave, electromagnetic compatibility, satellite and propagation.